HUB Biobank Database

The Organoid Biobank created by HUB and partners consists of a variety of organs and disease models. HUB Biobank Database is an initiative of HUB and the Cancer Genomics Centre. It consists of a catalog of all models that are present in the HUB Organoid Biobank. Furthermore, the extensive characterization that has been done for each of the models can be found here. This characterization consists of genetics, histological and clinical data accompanied by responses to drug treatments relevant for the disease model.

The HUB Organoid Database will contain the models of the intestine, liver, pancreas, lung, mammary gland, and others. Diseases such as Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, IBD, etc are available for the relevant organs. The Organoid biobank is a powerful resource for many aspects of Biomedical research such as target identification, drug screening and development. Because the HUB Organoid Biobank embodies the heterogeneity of the patient population it provides a preclinical method to obtains insights into drug responses that would otherwise only become visible during or even after clinical trials on patients.  

For information on the models and how to obtain them please contact HUB at